DZ12-SL 12MIN AC 230V 50/60HZ timer relais Wieland Schleicher Electronic

Schleicher Electronic
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DZ12-SL 12MIN AC 230V 50/60HZ van het merk Wieland Schleicher Electronic timer relais.

DZ12-SL 12MIN AC 230V 50/60HZ Response-delayed single-domain time relay * Time range 12 minuten * Contact configuration: 1 timed and 1 immediate contact * Nominal voltage AC 230 V 50-60 Hz * Connection pluggable * Accessories (not included in scope of delivery) Socket plate B5 for installation and assembly Plug fitting B7 for installation Adapter BT421 for rail mounting the socket plate B5 Seal Z1 for switch panel mounting Lockable cap V4 * Assembly: Front panel mounting * Dimensions front panel = 72 mm x 72 mm ** Successor to the series DZ11-L, DZ12-SLW, DZ13-SL Schleicher Wieland timer relais


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